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Podcasting the Google way

Google is always a force to be reckoned with, and whilst they are late to enter the market for podcasting, better late than never! We are excited to have our podcasts running on their google podcasts offering.Updates from the team at the Business Intelligence leader Reporting Accounts, we bring you the latest news and updates…More

Puregym Ltd loss running at £500K per day

Summary In today’s podcast Adrian Lawrence our resident financial expert talks of a news story in today’s press that Pure Gym Ltd are loosing £500K per day as a result of the lockdowns.  They are not collecting gym subscriptions and they have staff furloughed, but unlike their competitors they run a lean model with gyms…More

UK Lockdown finally ending soon

Summary In today’s episode our resident financial expert Adrian Lawrence talks about the long anticipated news today that the UK will finally begin its exit from it’s third lockdown.  Schools will re-open on the 8th March and non-essential retail including hairdressers and beauty salons on the 12th April. The economy is expected to rebound strongly…More

Our Hosts

Adrian Lawrence

Our CEO Adrian Lawrence is an experienced Accountant, he has been qualified for more than 25 years including 12 years within the ecommerce sector as CEO of an ICANN registrar. He is best known within SEO circles for building the successful Article Alley brand in the pre Google Panda days.

Viktorija Mageroska

Viktorija Mageroska heads our marketing outreach team and is always actively looking for new partner sites to feature our content and excels at keeping our team of copywriters flat out busy.

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